About the Author

I am a mother of one and wife to a goat. Not really a goat mind you – just a frisky man with a beard. And gout. Its an inside joke.

Originally from South Africa I came over in 2004 when I was 19 years old and felt like I finally fitted in somewhere. Goat and I had our beautiful baby girl in 2010 and got married a year and a half later.

We clearly have our own way of doing things  :o)

I was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression when E was 5 months old and its been a part of our life ever since. PND doesn’t just affect the person suffering from it – it changes the family dynamics and affects a part of your life you may have dreamed of since you were a little girl. I know in my day dreams about being a new mum I never pictured myself crying uncontrollably or shouting at my upset toddler.

PND’s brought out a side of me I really dont like and dont really care to be again. I also however dont want to be reliant on drugs to feel normal – after one and a half years on antidepressants this is my challenge.

I’m going to beat Post Natal Depression with hard work – covering 6 main lifestyle changes over 6 months and documenting it here so that, just maybe, if you’re in my position you wont have to… I don’t know what going to happen but I’m excited about something for the first time since I came of my anti-depressants.

It can only be good.


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