I shouted at the spuds…

I feel better after that last post. And OnlyWantOne via Twitter parked me up. Seems I save my mean-ness for my nearest and dearest. Isnt that nice of me?

I still haven’t done any Tae Bo!!!! I feel like such a failure, pretty sure that goes against the whole point of this blog so am looking into a new exercise which might get me off my bummed out butt.

I don’t know what’s been going on in my head. I keep on losing my mind. I shouted at the mashed potatoes this evening – swore at them. And the lap top power cable. I almost physically assaulted a nice (I’m assuming) young couple for getting off the bus ahead of me and then walking soooo slowly in front of the pram. Oh – turns out I’m still a bit angry about that (clenched jaw, feeling of overwhelming rage)

That was before and after my weekly PND group, Monday Mums. To be fair though its quite a bit better afterwards. A good cry and two hours of guilt/aggression/sadness/frustration purging can do that  :o)

Now to linger on some positives, cos all this negativity is not going to get me anywhere…

  • Mr. Goat bought me gorgeous roses on Monday
  • E’s cough is better
  • Mr. Goat got E (and us!) a GroClock which means we can start training her and, hopefully, look forward to longer lie ins. Watch this space.
  • E ate a punnet of strawberries while watching Toy Story this morning which is a welcome deviation from her current diet of cheese sandwiches (we have now watched Toy Story three times TODAY!)
  • Found and downloaded Francesca Battistelli album “My Paper Heart” – AMAZING, can highly recommend for the stressed out and done in!
  • Called doc to schedule tests for vitamin deficiencies.
  • Shaved my legs – trust me, it’s a positive.

Okay, I’m scraping the barrel a bit now but give me a break – its only Tuesday night!

Feeling better so leaving it there, will let you know where I go from here. New exercise or start on another step… I think I’ll sleep on it.

Night night x

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