How I feel right now…

  • I want to cry.
  • I’m hot and cant stop clenching my jaw.
  • I’m typing really hard.
  • I want to throw mug at the radiator, I put it down carefully.
  • I don’t want to smile or talk. I do anyway, I am even angrier now.
  • I want to scream. I don’t.
  • I don’t want to move but I feel like I have the energy of a thousand very angry bulls.
  • I am lethargic, I cannot nor will I leave the couch. Dare you to ask me to do something.
  • I’m annoyed and don’t want to guess anything!!!!! Stop talking to me!
  • I want to bang my head against something. Lap top comes to mind as it is close. Do not want to hurt laptop. Or alarm Mr goat.
  • I feel overdramatic and silly from writing this list and now just want to cry again. I don’t and keep on typing.
  • I feel slightly mad – what is wrong with me????????
  • I want to cry again and just go to bed so I can feel better in the morning.
  • I can’t go to bed because I have a 1001 and mummy/wife things to do and it is already almost half nine– I want to stop off and behave like a child. That is not fair. I don’t.

I DO NOT want to do Tae Bo.

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