Your challenge, should you choose to accept it…

I have to be honest. I’ve only just this very second sat down to form a plan of action… dun dun duuunnnn. No pressure.

I think to allow each “treatment” the best chance I’ll have to allow 4 weeks for each one. I’m covering 6 rather broad remedies but I will be researching other suggestions and trying them out throughout also. Any suggestions are welcome!
So – my challenge, which I have a suspicion I kind of have to accept now that I’ve gone this far:
Exercise – Mr Billy Blanks has been winking at me from the DVD collection for ages – its about time we got nice and sweaty. Funny that I have a mental image of me svelte, wearing pink lycra and bouncing about rather delicately. The reality is really of me in mismatched, misshapen stretch-cotton sweating like a pig. Probably grunting like one too.
Diet – Sugary tea and chocolate cakes are probably not doing me any good… gotta get my greens up!
Supplements – Apparananananatly B vitamins are crucial for your mental health. You need B6 to process serotoni which gives you happy thoughts, melatonin which will help me to sleep and dopamine which will help my rather frazzled nervous system. The next super-B is B3 which can help fight anxiety, while not enough B5 can cause severe depression. (Bloody hell – get me a drip!) Lack of zinc, iron and and Omega-3 can also hamper your happiness.
Hei-ho,hei-ho its off to the GP I go….la la la-la la la-la, hei-ho hei-ho hei-ho! (Everybody now!)
Hormones – I currently have the Implanon Implant snuggled in my upper left arm which I have to admit is bloody brilliant. I am however concerned that I still have acne in my mid twenties so think that my hormones might be a bit off kilter. I’ve already spoken to my Doc about possible alternative birth control  with the aim of helping my post natal depression and he’s sending me for an ovary scan to rule out Polycystic Ovary Syndrome first. Then we can play!
Sex – Oh dear, Mr Goatface thinks he’s going to be a very lucky man. I don’t think he’s thought about the details of his performance appearing here for 4 weeks. Better not tell him or this particular strategy might go bit limp with the pressure of it all… Oh lord – I’m blushing already, not sure we know each other well enough yet. You I mean, not my husband. I know him very well thank you very much.
Relaxation skills – Cant wait for this one. Four joyous weeks of doing the unthinkable and putting myself first at least once every single day. A hot bath, yoga……. Mmm, that’s all I can think of right now – I might have hit on a reason for the depression. And I don’t even do yoga or have baths! What on earth do people do to relax??????

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