I had a guinea pig as a child, now I am one…

Life on Sertraline was a good, there were wobble’s of course, life and missing the occasional tablet will ensure that, but overall I was pretty much back to my usual chirpy self again. So when I was weaned off my tabs I did so with a large dollop of confidence – what on earth could go wrong? I was rather cocky about it really…

Whats that saying about pride? It comes before something?

Ah – the fall. It hurt. I was back to putting the good folk of Thames Ditton off there organic muesli with my sobbing and this time round added an almighty helping of guilt. I had failed. I had failed at not being on antidepressants. Oh yes – that’s the thought pattern of a sane and well adjusted mother. Thank The Lord for children’s short term memories!

I decide this time to not call my GP. I did not want to go back on the pills. I did not want to be artificially happy for another year and a half only to fall off the wagon again.

This time I’m beating this. And I’m using good old fashioned research and hard work. Documented here in all its glory for your reading displeasure!

Its rather exciting really. Or maybe I’m just still a bit unbalanced… Oooh, lets find out!

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