And on the 7th day God made antidepressants…

And on the 7th day God made antidepressants…This journey started about a year and a half ago… my daughter was born in January 2010 and my life changed. It was amazing and hard and scary and I spent most days paddling desperately under water while I presented a calm and upbeak (beak – geddit?) face to the world.

(Oh dear, my husbands right – I should never tell jokes. I am not funny!)

When E was a bout 5 months it all fell apart…the furious paddling started taking over my public life and I could no longer keep my misery confined to our little flat. Eventually after one too many days walking E through Surrey while openly sobbing (and most likely making the nice respectable people of Thames Ditton rather uncomfortable!) I decided that perhaps (just maybe…) this wasn’t normal.
Anyway – the short story is I got help. I saw my health visitor who sent me to my GP who got me on some lovely little tablets called Sertraline. I owe quite a bit to the inventor of these little white pills. If anyone knows who he is I think a Christmas card would probably be in order, and maybe a nice scarf. You cant go wrong with a scarf  :o)

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One Response to And on the 7th day God made antidepressants…

  1. You are the funniest wife of a goat I’ve ever met. Don’t you go listening to those horses…
    they’re just a bunch of neigh sayers! 😉

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